Engineers Without Borders Purdue has 5 teams that our members can be apart of: Leadership, Business Development, Water Quality and Quantity, Structures, Construction, and New Member Design. Each member first spends one semester on the New Member Design team without being enrolled in EPICS. After one semester of being in EWB-USA Purdue, the members enroll in the EPICS program (Engineering Projects in Community Service) and joins one of the design teams. We are the first EWB-USA chapter to also be a part of EPICS which makes our program very unique compared to many. Every member of EWB-USA Purdue plays an important role in our club and gains valuable experience working on the design process, communicating with project partners, and working in a team.


Sue Khalifah


William Oakes


Paul Leidig 


Kaushik Manchella

Teaching Assistant

Pooja Shah​

Teaching Assistant

Leadership Team

Lauren Sparber


Olivia Loesch

Vice President

Elizabeth Miller 

Project Manager

Harish Raman


Brooke Beliles

New Member Design Lead

Jack Feenstra

Assistant Project Manager

Business Development


Rose Sardina

Fundraising Head

Inri Davila

Media Head

Aiden Redmond

Jared Schingel

Michael Kilbourne

Water Quality and Quantity

AJ Cordes

Water Lead

Emma Martin

Emily Craddock

Abbie Neo

Landon Carre

Jackson Weber

Mason Stocke

Structures Team

Annie Maloney

Structures Lead

Baylee Walters

Charles Fan

Thomas Deucher

Katie Mullins

Eliza Mount

Moses Hamm

Joseph Daly

Nathan Robinson

Construction Team

Sylwia Zieba

Construction Lead

Samantha Thompson

Mitch Kamp

Lauren Selking

James Lempriere

Sami Heathcote

Madelyn Brewer

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